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By Jim Kinney, The Republican Mark M. Murray/ The Republican05/12/11 Springfield -Judy Van Raalte is in charge of the new doctorate program in psychology at Springfield College. SPRINGFIELD Springfield College is starting a doctoral program in. There has been much said about the psychology of trading and the necessity that we manage our emotions with every gain and loss. Emotions tend to rise to the surface during times of uncertainly as we are faced with an unexpected. But outside of the Hollywood world, the art of detecting a lie is much less simple, said Edward Geiselman, a professor of psychology at UCLA and a leading researcher in the study of deception. Geiselman has been working to discover the requirements for. From our 32 years at the University of Santa Monica educating several thousand people in the newly emerging field of spiritual psychology, we've become aware of an extremely important dynamic that ties together psychological well-being and spiritual. John Michael Bailey's signature Human Sexuality course being axed from next school year's psychology offerings, a prominent scholar pledged Tuesday he would gather support from within the academic community to contest the course's exclusion.. The risk of premature death is greatly reduced for people who report high levels of social support at their job, according to a new study published in the May issue of Health Psychology. Workers between the ages of 38 and 43 were mostly likely to be. Acampora, on the other hand, is a psychology major and feels that the club could be beneficial to anyone studying psychology, sociology, women's studies or social work. \"I think psychology helps you be a more compassionate person.. RUSTON The American Psychology Association (APA) has officially granted Louisiana Tech University's Ph.D. program in counseling psychology full reaccreditation through 2013. Considered the gold standard of accreditation in professional psychology,. Kimberly Patterson, who received a bachelor's degree in psychology, said she is the first non-traditional student to attempt and complete Heidelberg's honors program. She said she is going to miss Heidelberg, and officials were supportive from the. A new book from psychology professor David DeSteno challenges the idea that character and morality are developed from a young age. Photo by Craig Bailey. A new book from Northeastern professor of psychology David DeSteno and coauthor Piercarlo.


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