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George Steinbrenner on March 3, 1976, the day his suspension for making illegal contributions to Richard Nixon was lifted. (AP) Recently released FBI documents shed new light on the illegal corporate. YORBA LINDA, Calif., May 9, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- The Richard Nixon Foundation is pleased to announce the election of the 29th Secretary of Commerce Barbara Hackman Franklin to its board of directors, joining a roster of leaders in government,. Noting he had been fined $35000 for complaints about officiating during the Mavericks' four-game playoff sweep of his Lakers, Jackson said, \"That's not fun, having a feeling like I've been chased down the freeway by them -- but as Richard Nixon said,. It's been four decades since President Richard M. Nixon sent Henry A. Kissinger to Beijing to re-establish contact with China, an ancient civilization with which the United States, at that point, had had no high-level diplomatic. Richard Nixon called Hannah Milhous Nixon a \"Quaker saint.\" Jimmy Carter wrote one of his many post-presidential books about his \"remarkable mother,\" Miss Lillian, who went to India with the Peace Corps at the age of 68. George W. Bush identified with. More than a year before John F. Kennedy defeated Richard Nixon for the presidency, 18-year-old Raymond Miller was hired as kitchen help at the old Douglas County Hospital, making less than $1 an hour. That was in 1959.. Political Power: Donald TrumpRush Limbaugh, Richard Nixon and Barack Obama have all had their life turned into a comic book. Now it's The Donald's turn. Bluewater Comics is preparing a comic book version of real estate mogul Donald. Late Yankees owner George Steinbrenner, seeking a pardon for his conviction over an illegal corporate campaign contribution to President Richard Nixon, blamed the donation on bad advice from his lawyers, according to his FBI file, part of which was. The career-killing effects of the \"loser\" tag were also very much on Richard Nixon's mind when he put the White House's muscle behind Alabama Governor Albert Brewer in 1970 in an effort to thwart Brewer's Democratic primary opponent, former Governor. Senate Republicans have introduced legislation to abolish the Environmental Protection Agency, established 40 years ago by President Richard Nixon to give Americans clean air and water. The bill, introduced by Sen. Richard Burr (RN..


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