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Ryan promises more results info, but, first, we're going to hear from Jordin Sparks. Jordin was just 17 when she became Idol's youngest winner, but now she's full-grown and singing I Am Woman. It's not much of a song -- basically \"I'm a woman,. Jordin Sparks, who recently debuted a newly svelte and womanly figure, was the youngest 'American Idol' winner ever when she took the prize and nabbed the crown back in Season 6. Since then, she has enjoyed a healthy measure of post-'Idol' success as a. First, we get some starpower: Jordin Sparks, the 2007 winner, performs; Steven Tyler offers the video of his first US solo single, \"(It) Feels So Good.\" Then one person from the final four will be dumped. There are two Southern teens -- Lauren Alaina. Jordin Sparks cuts a much thinner figure when she slides into the Mint Jubilee Celebration benefiting cancer research held surrounding the Kentucky Derby at the Palace Theatre in Louisville. The American Idol winner, 21, talks about how heartbreak. Jordin Sparks may have taken home the \"American Idol\" crown at the tender age of 17, but just a few years later, the big-voiced singer is sporting a new physique and singing a brand-new tune. On her new single \"I Am Woman,\" the songbird. Jordin Sparks' new single, I Am Woman, will go on sale digitally this coming Tuesday, and the American Idol Season 6 champ will perform the dance anthem on Thursday's Idol results show. \"It's not like I'm trying to be like. Jordin Sparks went through a breakup, which was what prompted her to start losing weight. Ah, the post-breakup weight drop... classic. It's almost as classic as the routine-change weight loss. Jordin described how she jump-started her weight loss. It's down to four on \"American Idol.\" That means that nearly any \"Idol\" result will make some people unhappy and will leave some people shocked. Sure, there are different layers of. In support of her newly released single, I Am Woman, Grammy nominated R


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