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Produced by Judd Apatow, Bridesmaids definitely has his familiar brand of Knocked Up-style raunch. The script (by longtime collaborators Wiig and Annie Mumolo) doesn't wallow in yet another story of stunted adults, though, and is packed with terrific. For its part, Universal is conservatively projecting an opening in the low teens for its Judd Apatow-produced \"Bridesmaids,\" a $32.5 million comedy featuring an ensemble cast that includes \"Saturday Night Live's\" Kristen Wiig and Maya Rudolph,. In her latest role, she stars as a buttoned-up newlywed with bedroom issues in Bridesmaids. Speakeasy chatted with Kemper about women and comedy, saying goodbye to Michael Scott and the things that make her laugh. You've done both movies and. As soon as trailers for the new comedy \"Bridesmaids\" (in theaters this Friday) hit, the first thing you heard -- well, after the bouts of laughter had subsided -- was talk about how it looked like \"the female version of 'The Hangover.. You can't make a movie called \"Bridesmaids\" without at least a small nod to the stark reality of bridesmaids' dressesnamely, that they tend to be a) unflattering, b) uncomfortable, and c) so extravagantly ugly that they seem to be designed. If EW's grade-A review of Bridesmaids hasn't convinced you to see the movie, watching Jon Hamm laugh while watching a fresh clip of himself and Kristen Wiig on Conan last night might seal the deal. Watch the nine-minute interview below.. Ask how it felt to lose her screenwriting virginity, the cowriter and costar of Bridesmaids (opening Friday) first bats her lashes, then the conversational ball. \"Hurt a little, but it was go-oood.\" In her red-rimmed spectacles and formfitting leather. \"Bridesmaids\" activists want to send a bracing message to a business that has become increasingly oppressive for the women who work within it as well as for those who consume its product. That message must be delivered in the form of box office. By AP, NEW YORK There's lingering talk about Pippa Middleton getting a tad too much attention at the wedding of her now-royal sis, let alone those topless bikini shots, so what's a bridesmaid to do without sucking too much air out of the room?. The multitalented Kristin Wiig shows off both her acting and writing skills in this very funny gross-out comedy about a group of bridesmaids behaving very unladylike in the days leading up to the wedding. Maya Rudolph is excellent as the bride,.


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