dream act May 11, 2011

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dream act May 11, 2011

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AP Photo Close By SCOTT WONG | 5/10/11 7:26 PM EDT Senate Democrats will re-introduce the long-stalled DREAM Act, hoping to tap into momentum from President Barack Obama's speech along the border Tuesday about America's need to pass comprehensive. The bill, which has become known as this state's DREAM Act a reference to the federal Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors Act that died during Congress' lame duck session last year passed the General Assembly on the last night of. President Obama said immigration reform was not only a moral issue but also an economic issue and once again called for a passage of the DREAM Act, which would provide a pathway to legal residency for children of illegal immigrants who attend college. Charlotte An undocumented student active in the North Carolina youth movement that supports passage of the DREAM Act was set free Tuesday by immigration authorities after being arrested following a traffic accident. Consuelo Chavez Perez was released. When the DREAM Act failed last year, members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus feared it was a sign that immigration reform was dead in the water. It was a sentiment that grew stronger as the new, Tea Party-infused House rolled. Brian Birdwell, R-Granbury, tried proposing an amendment that would have required out-of-state college tuition rates for Dream Act studentsundocumented children who came to the state with their parents years ago. Most have been Texas public school. Maryland now has a hard-fought \"Dream Act\" that offers undocumented-immigrant young people in-state tuition for post-high school education but with many limitations, including that these \"dreamers\" must enroll first in Maryland. The Palatine Tea Party is being slammed by an immigration rights advocacy group after the Illinois DREAM Act passed the state Senate last week with (gasp) Republican support. In an open letter, the suburban tea party group calls the bill unpopular,. California could add fuel to the national debate over illegal immigrants' rights by signing into law the \"Dream Act\" measure, Assembly Bill 130. \"This bill will ring across the country,\" Assemblyman Felipe Fuentes, D-Sylmar, told dozens of Latino. Chicago Pro-immigrant groups consider the suspension in Illinois of the Secure Communities program and the state Senate approval of a local version of the DREAM Act to be a victory and an example for other states to follow. \"We're really pleased..


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