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Post  Admin Tue May 17, 2011 8:00 am

. might expect from Peter Molyneux's Lionhead, Fable 3 was always going to be a polished but flawed gem. It received generally positive reviews (including a four-star one from Greg) when released on the consoles last Autumn and now it's here for PC.. Over the past few years it's repeatedly vowed to better support PC gaming but failed to deliver anything spectacular. Hopefully Microsoft really means it this time, starting with Fable III. Fable 3 PC boasts a hardcore mode, new content, keyboard and. Citing the importance of giving customers as many choices as is found throughout the Fable franchise, Microsoft Game Studios and developer Lionhead have announced that the PC version of Fable 3 will be available. Fable 3 (PC) Get ready to suit up in your favorite outfit and unleash your Glowing Hammer of Whack-A-Mole upon the masses. 2 player online co-op. Gatling Gears (PSN) It's a top down shooter featuring old-timey mechs! 2 player local co-op,. Peter Molyneux has told TechRadar that the long-awaited PC version of Fable 3 is worth the wait, and that he still feels a kinship with PC gaming. Molyneux, talking to TechRadar as part of Brit Week, is one of gaming's most famous faces. Lionhead Studios has released a new video developer diary for Fable III, this time showcasing the PC version set to launch on May 17 for $49.99 USD in North America, May 19 in Australia and New Zealand, and May 20 in Europe. Players can take advantage. We learned in February that Fable 3 was coming to the PC, but there will be two ways how you can play it. The two are either Steam or Windows Marketplace, and the both have a great preorder offer, but which of the two will win out?. Fable 3 [PC] May 17, 2011: The third installment of the Fable series comes to the PC. Along with all the content available from the Xbox 360 version, the PC edition will support 3D visuals for those with 3D-capable monitors, Additional quests, areas,. Due to creating a brand new engine for the 360 on Fable 2, there was no code time to port over the engine back then. This time the code department could do the PC version justice and so Fable 3 on PC was made.\" Also on the topic of PC, he mentions the. Even Peter Molyneux is going on about it when he should be pimping Fable 3. We don't know for sure if Duke likes it, but he's an unpredictable chap at the best of times: celebrating the marriage of British monarchs, slapping ladies on the booty,.


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