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Bill O'Reilly will never admit that he lost, so does it matter if Jon Stewart debates him and wins? The viewers will just have to be the judges in this case. Stewart accepted an invite to return to The O'Reilly Factor after he called the Fox News. Jon Stewart was eager to unload a series of porn-related jokes given the news that a stash of pornography was found inside Osama bin Laden's compound. And he was able to pump one out, suggesting that with so. Matt Cherette Jon Stewart was looking forward to covering Friday's news that a stash of porn had been found in Osama bin Laden's compound. But then the head of the IMF was arrested on sexual assault charges over the weekend and Donald Trump called. JON STEWART, HOST, \"THE DAILY SHOW\": Basically what Common appears to be saying is, hey, you know that violence I was talking about earlier in my poem? Let's end that in our communities so our dreams can come true. It's a call for peace.. Comedian Jon Stewart poked fun at Newt Gingrich Thursday night, calling the Republican presidential candidate a square. I say this with all due respect newt, and I hate to break this to you but this whole Twitter, YouTube thing is not going to work. ''The Daily Show with Jon Stewart'' produced a segment that began with lighthearted mockery and ended with moral indignation over the town's attachment to the asbestos industry. It interviewed local officials who said chrysotile asbestos is perfectly. In the profile, Cramer discusses that now famous exchange with the Daily Show's Jon Stewart: Over two years later, thoughts of the interview continue to get a rise out of Cramer. The old me would have hit Stewart with a chair.. Jon Stewart defended the invitation on last night's Daily Show, saying that Fox News is misinterpreting Common's poem Letter to the Law, which they say is a metaphor for violence against former President George Bush. But does Fox News ever support. Real architects were hired as consultants. They are now in a competition to build her a Dream House. TVNewser: Two segments of Bill O'Reilly's interview with Jon Stewart over the Common controversy will air on O'Reilly's show tonight.. AP Daily Show host Jon Stewart of Comedy Central, former President George Bush and his chief of staff Andrew Card. By Anonymous A column of news and notes from around the State House, town halls and halls of power that will amuse and bemuse you..


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