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Post  Admin Mon May 16, 2011 11:58 pm

Earlier today we posted the first clip from JJ Abrams' Super 8 and it got us all pretty nostalgic for the classic Spielberg movies. From \"Bye Bye Love\" by The Cars to the way the kids smile and play around while filming their movie, the whole thing. Set in 1979 Ohio, the film will follow a group of six young children as they use a Super 8 camera to make their own home movie. One night while filming near a remote stretch of railroad track, the children witness a truck collide with an oncoming train. A new trailer for JJ Abrams' highly secretive sci-fi horror movie was released a few days ago, and many people claim that the monster was finally revealed. After a detailed search of the trailer, I believe I have finally found it.. Elle Fanning and Joel Courtney in a scene from Super 8 from writer-director JJ Abrams. Source: Supplied WHAT is JJ Abrams' new movie about? He doesn't want you to know, writes James Wigney. WRITER-director JJ Abrams loves surprises.. Plus new trailers for Super 8, Harry Potter, and more! \"I would watch Batman and Robin, with Adam West all the time when I was a kid. I loved that stuff. It was all really campy because the technology was never there so It's a dream come true to play a. The movie will unspool at the $20 million refurbished Shaw Lido theater in Singapore. Other Hollywood heavy presence at the show will be paraded with Mr Popper's Penguins starring Jim Carrey and Super 8, JJ Abrams sci-fi thriller getting the red carpet. Super 8, meanwhile, boasts a geek-tastic pedigree with JJ Abrams (Star Trek) directing and Steven Spielberg producing the thriller centering on young Ohioans who have a close encounter of the worst kind while making a movie. Abrams and Spielberg used. The latest 'Super 8 TV spots paint the film as a mysterious monster movie. In comparison, the first TV spot for 'Harry Potter


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