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Post  Admin Mon May 16, 2011 6:58 pm

As ZDNet previously covered, the scam resulted in users posting something which states Facebook now has a dislike button! Click 'Enable Dislike Button' to turn on the new feature. A link from the application then drove users to a page which offered. First, Facebook believes that Google is engaging in some social networking practices that are violating the privacy of its users. Second, Facebook dislikes (to say it mildly) that Google is trying to use Facebook's data in its own,. Inspired by Facebook, an Israeli has decided to call their child \"Like.\" I have never been more in favor for a dislike button. According to the AFP the father said, \"We named her Like because it's modern and innovative.. Facebook, iPads, Android, and everything between the tech news you need, the stories you want, and the tips you'll actually use. Our Digital Life. Read. Live. Share. Don't click! Facebook 'Dislike' button is a fraud By Helen AS Popkin Facebook does. Facebook deletes those that do spam, and there \"likes\" are then removed. by solitare_pax May 16, 2011 1:01 PM PDT So, why isn't there a \"dislike\" option? And what's to keep some talking head on the radio from telling listeners in Baltimore to go and. Updated post: http://zd.net/lhxZDG #msteched @dailybarid RT: SugarCRM, Cloudera debut on list of open source firms to watch in '11: It should com... http://bit.ly/kbKRqu #opensource RT @edelmee: DO NOT CLICK ON 'Enable Dislike Button' in Facebook or. Hasn't time flown? A year ago, Facebook introduced the 'Like' button to its website, and added a new element to social networking: collective back-patting. But now, is it it time that they took it one step further, and added a 'Dislike' button?. A year ago this week, Facebook unveiled the LIKE button, the toll it employs to power what you see in your New Feed. Ever long for a dislike button? The biggest social network in the world, Facebook is changing how we consume and share information,. But we still see the demand from users for more granular options, even in something in the form of a dislike button or a love button. The act of liking, predictably, means different things to different people. For Facebook, liking really just. Facebook's own Happy Birthday to the Like button had 68013 likes and 8987 comments, and counting. It asked, Tell us what the Like button has meant to you. Not all responses were positive. Is there a dislike button? Beverly Lam complained..


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