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Frey's A Million Little Pieces was selected to be part of Oprah's book club in 2005, catapulting the author and book to success. But after the Smoking Gun uncovered inconsistencies and lies in the book, Frey appeared on her show again in 2006 and. By now, we can all see the horror that is coming: The young girl is raped by a pedophile, and her world collapses into a million little pieces. \"Trust\" is the latest film to stir our deep desire to protect children from the evil that lurks on the Web.. A Million Little Pieces author James Frey will brave Oprah's hot seat once again to discuss what his life has been like since his last appearance on her show and of course, also promote his new novel, The Final Testament of the Holy Bible.. Today he's back on her show for a re-match. In an exclusive interview, the controversial author of A Million Little Pieces speaks out about the big O, his blasphemous new book and his mixed feelings about AA. It was five years ago that James Frey was shamed on air by Oprah Winfrey for exaggerating parts of his bestselling book, A Million Little Pieces. Frey will be returning to face the music this month on the last season of The Oprah Winfrey Show.. Blue, best known as JM Productions' Gilvert, even nabbed an endorsement from writer James Frey (author of A Million Little Pieces and Bright Shiny Morning) who said, Oriana Small has pushed herself to the outermost extremes of what the body and. By Herald Wire Services James Frey will return to The Oprah Winfrey Show just five years after the Queen of Daytime TV tore him apart for fabricating details in his best-selling book, A Million Little Pieces, the Hollywood Reporter writes.. The digital pieces make sense from a content management standpoint and include archiving, eDiscovery and online backup. According to a statement from Autonomy, the deal was for $380 million in cash. This deal won't have any impact on Iron Mountain's. Mobile game publisher Glu Mobile has partnered with controversial author James Frey (A Million Little Pieces) to develop cross-media IP that includes action-adventure novels being translated into mobile. Graphic designer Rodrigo Corral has designed some of the most amazing and most memorable book covers in recent memory, including James Frey's \"A Million Little Pieces\"; all the covers for author Chuck Palanuick and most recently, hip-hop artist Jay Z's.


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