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But seldom do arrogance, ignorance, cultural irony and act-like-you-know phony bluster come together as they did in a segment on Rachel Maddow's MSNBC show Thursday. Furthermore, the subject matter she was dealing with, how ideologues try to re-write. TV: \"Online viewers watch over 45 minutes a month of The Rachel Maddow Show video, making it one of the top viewed video sources in the digital NBC News network.\" Her source is the comScore March Video Metrix. To reply to a Comment: Click \"Reply\" at. Michelle Obama, Rachel Maddow, Donald Trump, Claire McCaskill and Joe Biden made headlines this week. | AP PhotosClose By PATRICK GAVIN | 5/13/11 3:11 PM EDT Updated: 5/13/11 3:19 PM EDT \"I knew that I was never going to compete on the. The west Michigan lawmaker who sponsored emergency financial manager legislation that has been repeatedly pilloried by MSNBC host Rachel Maddow -- especially for the way it has been applied in Benton Harbor -- is asking Maddow to allow. MSNBC's Rachel Maddow is all about keeping them honest, telling the Guardian that closeted gay anchors should come out. But, hey, that doesn't mean she's referring to a certain CNN anchor. In the interview with the publication, which was published. As she promised, Rachel Maddow went with Meghan McCain to an NRA convention, and the results of their visit aired on Maddow's Friday show. (The segment had been set to run earlier in the week, but the killing of Osama bin Laden pushed it back.. By On Top Magazine Staff CNN anchor Don Lemon has become the third openly gay news personality behind MSNBC's Rachel Maddow and Thomas Roberts. The 45-year-old Lemon told the New York Times on Sunday that he's gay. The paper is reporting that Lemon. MSNBC political opinion host Rachel Maddow used her show to speak against the expanded power for emergency financial managers, but State Rep. Al Pscholka said she's not reporting the facts. \"When it comes to czars, when it really comes to czars,. In 2009, Blagojevich appeared on MSNBC's \"The Rachel Maddow Show\" to discuss his pending impeachment, his appointment of Roland Burris to President Obama's old Senate seat and the FBI's case against him. Blagojevich appeared on dozens of television and. Katie Couric continues to spread her wings, busting out of the evening news anchor mode and conducting an interview in Glamour magazine, with fellow tvnewser Rachel Maddow. COURIC: What do you think is most.


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