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Stargate Universe meets its Destiny tonight, after just two seasons, much earlier than its makers had hoped. The imaginative, often absorbing space opera about a team of explorers stranded aboard a spaceship. We say goodbye to Stargate Universe. Here's what's on TV Monday. On tonight's Dancing with the Stars, the five remaining pairs will dance one routine and then receive the style and song for their second routine LIIIIIIIVE.. A television show was already spared the gruesome hand of fate once this year, and now fans are hoping to do the same for Stargate Universe, the most recent chapter in the fan-favorite franchise. Unlike Fringe (the other show I was talking about),. There's so much on television tonight that it's virtually impossible you'll be bored. BUT, if you do find yourself getting bored, try this trick I learned: Cover your television in plastic wrap and draw on everyone's. I think you can tell when you really love a show, the way I've come to love \"Stargate Universe.\" In my case, my latest litmus test was the fate of Lisa Park in this episode. She's just a minor character on the show, but I was riveted by what she went. On Monday, Syfy ends Stargate Universe after just two seasons. On Friday, the CW says goodbye to its longest-running series Smallville after ten seasons and a face-off between Superman and Lex Luthor. CBS, in the meantime, has set several season. That's probably the case with the Save Stargate Universe Facebook group. NBC announced last December that Stargate Universe wasn't going to be picked up for a third season and then MGM recently shuttered all things Stargate, canceling the planned. It seems like only yesterday that Syfy delivered a Holiday gut punch to fans by canceling \"Stargate Universe\" shortly before Christmas. And now sadly, time has run out for one of the best science fiction shows on television.. This week's episode of 'Stargate Universe' played like a love letter to the show's fans. Seeing these characters grow old together felt especially poignant in light of the show's cancellation and the recent. \"Stargate Universe,\" has had a remarkable second season up to this point. But this is just brilliant storytelling. The notion that the Destiny's descendants are still alive and probably much more technically advanced than they are is irresistible..


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