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Google celebrates the Hargreaves' birthday with a colorful cycle of doodles depicting several of Hargreaves' animated characters, including Little Miss Sunshine, Mr. Tickle and Mr. Messy. Hargreaves conceived his celebrated \"Little Men\" stories while. EXCLUSIVE: For a whole swath of moviegoers, a \"Little Miss Sunshine\" reunion has an oddly reassuring ring. That's pretty much how a new film project is shaping up. In February we told you about \"He Loves Me,\" a movie that stars Paul Dano and comes from. Remember Little Miss Sunshine, and how Abigail Breslin's dance to \"Superfreak\" pretty much stole the entire show? Well, it seems like she's back at it, and this time, she's taken to singing instead of dancing. Her new song \"Fight for Me\" is featured on. Thanks to Little Miss Sunshine, we know Abigail Breslin has some dance moves... kind of. But since when can she sing? Her Janie Jones co-star, Alessandro Nivola, already had some musical ability having sung in Laurel Canyon, but Breslin was going in. Little Miss Sunshine Abigail Breslin, 15, showed off a new mature style as she graced the Hot Pink Party, which was held for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. The party was held in New York City on Thursday night. Breslin looked stunning in her. A child prodigy goes looking for his sperm-donor dad in a comedy that seems to be reaching for a \"Little Miss Sunshine\" vibe. NEW YORK Prodigious mental gifts prove no substitute for an intact family in Jesus Henry Christ, writer/director Dennis. Collette's character faces moments of emotional difficulty along the lines of \"The Sixth Sense,\" and the movie's attempts at wacky comedy and poignancy call back, rather baldly, to her turn in \"Little Miss Sunshine,\" without quite the same results.. Although she already has an accomplished career as an actress, 'Little Miss Sunshine' starlet Abigail Breslin is making her debut as a singer with the single 'Fight for Me.' 'Fight for Me' is featured on the soundtrack to Breslin's film, 'Janie Jones.. Nine years of solid acting past her 'dancing' days, in Janie Jones, Abigail Breslin (Little Miss Sunshine, My Sister's Keeper) plays Janie, a thirteen-year old who is abandoned at her father's rock concert, a man she's never met, by her drug-addicted. She gave birth Saturday (Apr. 30) at 12:07 pm EDT at an undisclosed hospital in Los Angeles. more (Billboard) Actress Abigail Breslin, best known for her role in \"Little Miss Sunshine,\" has made her singing debut with \"Fight For Me\" a song that will.


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