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wtf May 16, 2011

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The Texas tags read: \"WTF 44.\" The staffer helpfully snapped a photo (see above) and sent it along. WTF, we surmised, stands forwell, you know. And 44 is a likely reference to President Barack Obama, the 44th president of the United States.. With all the news centering on the recent PSN outages and companies like Zynga failing to keep personal data personal, you'd think that game companies would learn not to mess around with things like this.. Hsu An-chin told reporters that he spoke with World Taekwondo Federation (WTF) Secretary-General Yang Jin-suk on the telephone two days earlier and was told by Yang that the Korea-based federation wishes Yang to withdraw her appeal at the CAS and that. There is, after all, a thriving market of American flag-themed \"WTF\" tote bags and T-shirts; think of all the money he'll save with an army of hard-core religious grandparents marching in the streets branded with the much loved Internet acronym.. My blood is boiling because I just heard that 8-year-old beauty queen Britney Campbell got Botox. She didn't just get Botox. Her mother gave it to her. Why? Because Britney complained that she had wrinkles, and now, post-Botox, she feels like she. We ask \"WTF is Up\" with the LEGO series in our latest installment of the ongoing series. Like the movie itself, the original LEGO Star Wars was built on word of mouth. When it was released in 2005, it was deemd so inconsequential that LucasArts didn't. Recurring patterns suggest gold is heading to $1300 within the next four weeks, according to a market veteran who has been studying fractals for many years. \"I have memorized a history of fractal patterns over the years and a very. Artistic Director Jenny Gersten announced today additional casting for the Nikos Stage productions for the 2011 Williamstown Theatre Festival (WTF), the company's 57th season and the first under Ms. Gersten's leadership. Esteben Andres Cruz (Jesus. Comedian and podcaster extraordinaire Marc Maron just relaunched his website WTF with a cool new design. The site has a new blog feature to go along with the old podcast list. Maron posted a super-nebbishy. 8:08 The newly turned heel Mark Henry looks better than ever. Does he not? Before when he was heel, he always came off shitty. He walked around like an angry black man. I'm likin' this new heel version of him, he's cocky, and justcool..


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