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Rebecca Black, the teenager who has scored more than 120 million YouTube hits with her track Friday, has revealed she is working on a number of new songs. It has been confirmed that the schoolgirl is recording a five track mini-album in California.. Indeed, in the current top 10, users will find not only superstars like Katy Perry but meme-worthy acts such as Rebecca Black of \"Friday\" fame. The YouTube 100 joins the ranks of many other services trying to improve the way we chart popularity in the. Eat your heart out, Rebecca Black. Leave it to \"Glee\" to turn the manufactured teen singer's \"Friday\" song cool. Mark Salling, Kevin McHale and Chord Overstreet covered the viral single from the eighth-grader in the series' \"Prom Queen\" episode,. We've been dreading the New Directions taking on Rebecca Black's \"Friday\" all week, but now that the prom episode is over, I think I finally get it. Ryan Murphy? Writers? My apologies for ever doubting you. See, the whole premise of tonight's show was. By Best Week Ever Rebecca Black was one big ol' exercise in irony, wasn't she? A kid who paid money to record a song and music video, both of which were really, really bad, but cemented her as the biggest YouTube video of 2011?. Los Angeles, CA, United States (AHN Entertainment) Just when you thought you could escape Rebecca Black's Friday, Glee delivers a cover of the universally-panned song. The cover has already hit iTunes and will be performed on the show's. All this needs is the cast of Glee and a LOLCat, and all will be complete. It's fun when the boys of Odd Future let loose and act like kids instead of rapping about rape and murder! They and Rebecca Black should go on tour together. You may not like the lyrics, how the song gets stuck in your head or the fact that it repeats the word \"fun\" 16 times, but there may be a reason not to totally despise Rebecca Black's song \"Friday.\" In February, Black. When you think of Rebecca Black's Friday, it's unlikely the Vancouver Canucks come to mind. That wasn't the case for 26-year-old Reigan Brown, a music producer in Vancouver. Friday was the first song Brown and two of his friends, Andrew Cleasby and. Regardless of whether you love or loathe the music of Internet sensation Rebecca Black, the \"Friday\" singer was a perfect choice to host the O Music Awards Fan Army Party at Las Vegas' Golden Nugget Hotel.


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