psn up May 15, 2011

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psn up May 15, 2011

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Ireland, UK, India, Canada News: PSN is back up as of May 14 in many parts of the US, so here's how to protect your PSN user ID. Now that PlayStation Network is back up in the United States, here are some helpful tips for PS3 gamers in places like the. Sony announces Starhawk, a follow-up to the multiplayer-focused PS3-exclusive Warhawk, now in development at the Austin-based studio LightBox Interactive. One has to wonder about the timing of Sony's announcement of Starhawk, the sequel to its. One of the NeoGAF moderators, Kagari, has reported that several developers have posted on the forums that the PSN was up and working for them. In addition to the postings on NeoGAF, the official PlayStationNL Twitter account has confirmed that select. . Massachusetts, New Jersey, Main, Connecticut.etc.. My Ps3 is back to life... lets celebrate .. Please Sony while you at it, upgrade the PS3 Internet Browser by giving us the option to DL Firefox with the new and improved PSN update thats coming soon.. Instead, Sony's customers been almost exclusively concerned with one question: When will PlayStation Network finally make its return? Sony hasn't been able to give a direct answer. In response, websites like Is The PlayStation Network Back Up? have. But i am sticking with sony and not switching to xbox first reason cause i cant afford another console yet and my parents wont get me one and 2nd if we leave sony sony would have no point to put up the PSN back cause it's not like they would be in. Sony has announced that the company is currently testing its PSN platform in several regions, indicating that it is almost ready to bring the platform came back online. More than three weeks ago, the company was forced to shut down its global. News of the new firmware is the first official update on PSN's status since about a week ago, when Sony said it would miss its goal of getting some network services back up and running during the May 7-8 weekend. Sony Computer Entertainment CEO Kaz. If anyone was on the fence about whether or not to trade in their PS3, the last few weeks seem to have caused them to make up their minds. The continuing PSN outage and security breaches are causing trade-ins of Sony's. (CBS/AP) WASHINGTON - As Sony continues to struggle to get its PlayStation Network up and running again, the company claims that the data breach that hit PSN was \"very professional.\" Sony said in a letter released by members of the House Commerce.


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