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After making the rounds on the film festival circuit, the short comedy \"Successful Alcoholics,\" starring TJ Miller (\"Cloverfield,\" \"Yogi Bear\") and Lizzy Caplan (\"Party Down,\" \"True Blood\") is available to watch in full on Funny or Die.. After almost two years of waiting, Cabin in the Woods, the horror movie written by Joss Whedon and co-written and directed by Drew Goddard (Cloverfield) finally looks ready to see the light of day. After an initial, interminable. We recently reported that Matt Reeves (Let Me In, Cloverfield) had signed on to direct a remake of John Carpenter's \"They Live,\" based on Ray Nelson's short story \"8 O'Clock in the Morning.\" And now comes word that he will also direct \"The Passage,\". More Critters than Cloverfield, this alien-invasion movie is modest in scale and ambition but makes up for it in local flavour. The setting is south London Brit cinema's default \"ghetto\" location, bruv where sharp-toothed ETs come to regret messing. First, Entertainment Earth has uncovered a slew of Hasbro Cloverfield 14-Inch Electronic Monster Action Figures that came and went back right before our eyes back in 2008! It features an electronic roar, swappable heads, tiny parasites, and the head of. Both videos featured the monster's roar pretty strongly, which reminded me a lot of JJ Abrams' other monster movie Cloverfield. Let us know if you found anything else of note in the new TV spots in the commments below. If more of these 30 second ads. The clip looks and feels like a classic Abrams teaser, straight out of the ARGs that surrounded Lost and Cloverfield. Standard Google searches for Operation Bell Trap and the alternative spellings don't turn up anything relevant yet.. Entertainment Earth has recently dug up a shipment of 14-inch Cloverfield figures from 2008. Hit the jump for all the groovy features. This mega monster has an electronic roar and comes with a slew of accessories: swappable heads, tiny parasites,. The style worked well for The Blair Witch Project and the much more grandiose Cloverfield, but it's been done wrong more often than not. Hit the jump for a summary of 051, the trailer, and our thoughts on why we're lukewarm on this concept.. \"Super 8\" Super-secretive writer/director JJ Abrams (\"Lost\") started generating buzz about this movie last year with some intriguing online teasers, but no one knew what the movie was about (many thought it could be a prequel to \"Cloverfield\")..


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