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Pixar has officially made public the title treatment and synopsis for Monsters University, the prequel to the box office hit Monsters, Inc. Mike Wazowski and James P. Sullivan are an inseparable pair, but that wasn't always the case.. Buzz Lightyear and Woody dolls, the monsters from Monsters Inc., and of course the cars from the original Cars. A sequel may not have been warranted for Cars, but it's not unexpected. Over at Apple, Disney has debuted the latest trailer for Cars 2.. One of the 12-year-old twins says he would like to be an artist and draw characters for movies like Toy Story or Monsters Inc. His twin sister says she'd like to teach people how to dance. Their 13-year-old brother wants to be a paramedic.. 6: \"Monsters Inc.\" at Northwest Aquatic Center, 4915 Madison Ave. AGE GROUPS: Races are held in three categories, 10 and younger, 11 to 15 and 16 and up. Throughout the summer children and adults will have a chance to test their boat-making abilities. PG (2010) Monsters, Inc. 8 pm (FAM) A girl befriends two monsters. Voices include Billy Crystal. G (2001) Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End 8 pm (5) Third entry in the series about the swashbuckling adventures of Capt. Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp). It has been announced that Monsters Inc 2: Monsters University will not be on schedule for release and will be delayed. Monsters Inc which was scheduled for it's cinema showings in November 2012, will now be shown in cinemas and Imax. By Anonymous The 2011 Spring Series of Movies Under the Stars returns to Prien Lake Park this Friday, April 22, with Monsters, Inc. It takes place at Prien Lake Park, located at 3700 West Prien Lake Road in Lake Charles.. WAYNE ROONEY spends a lot of free time like most parents - glued to Monsters, Inc. on repeat. But he must like the Disney characters - because he's going on holiday with them. The Manchester United striker is taking COLEEN and KAI on a Disney Cruise. For me, MONSTERS INC. is one of my absolute favorites. Each time I watch it, I find myself laughing and crying at the same parts. Just mere mention of the ending scene when Sulley says Goodnight Boo, I get a lump in my throat and my eyes start to. In Monsters Inc. Mike and Sully discover that laughter yields far more energy than screams. In Ratatouille Anton Ego has an epiphany and gives one of my favorite speeches of all time in response to a Proustian flashback he experiences after eating.


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