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Josh Beckett shuts out the Yankees over six innings and strikes out nine while Jorge Posada (below) takes himself out of the lineup after being penciled in the 9th spot. Was Jorge Posada justified for sitting out after being told to bat. Jorge Posada still is adjusting to life as a designated hitter, and he may be doing so for the remainder of the season. The former catcher was in no mood to talk about his transition Thursday, telling reporters that he preferred to focus on the team. Based on his experience, and on the respect that he has for the career of longtime Yankees catcher and now DH Jorge Posada, he had very clear feelings about what New York is doing. After the Sox beat the Yankees, 6-0, Ortiz inquired about what. That leaves Jorge Posada as the player to keep Yankees fans up at night. He's really the best choice for the position. Not only does he duplicate Jeter's status as an aging legend producing at a level well below his established norms, he is actually. Father time has ushered former New York Yankees catcher Jorge Posada(notes) from behind the plate, and now stands next to him in the batter's box. With his time in the field ending, Posada is trying to hold on to his baseball career.. Jorge Posada removed himself from the Yankees' starting lineup on Saturday night, and his future with the club was suddenly cast in doubt. After Posada was dropped to ninth in the batting order by manager Joe Girardi, Yankees general manager Brian. I expected Jorge to struggle coming out of the gate because his history as a DH was never really strong, he's learning something completely different, new and very difficult, so he needs the time to make the adjustment to that so we're giving him the. 8 hitter with very little accompanying fuss, the Yankee universe was buzzing Saturday with the news that veteran Jorge Posada had been dropped to the No. 9 hole in the Yankee lineup by manager Joe Girardi. That decision could hardly have come as a. The ripples from Eric Chavez's broken left foot spread throughout the Yankees on Friday, from them calling up Ramiro Pena to potentially giving Jorge Posada repetitions at first base to planning when to rest the aging stars patrolling the left side of. He, Derek Jeter and Jorge Posada are the only current Yankees who wore pinstripes in Sept. 2001. What word best describes your reaction to the news of Bin Laden's death? DETROIT - Mariano Rivera was watching television late Sunday night when the news.


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