israel May 15, 2011

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israel May 15, 2011

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Ahead of mass demonstrations planned for the West Bank, Israel's Arab sector and the Palestinian diaspora to mark Nakba Day on Sunday, Jerusalem district police seemed to not be taking any chances before noontime prayers on Friday.. AP CAIRO -- An Egyptian court has imposed a gag order on the trial of a local businessman accused of spying on his country, Syria and Lebanon for Israel. Tarek Hassan was arrested in August and charged with harming national interests.. Over 1000 participants to attend 'We Believe in Israel' in order to push pro-Israel campaign, grass roots activism. LONDON London will host an Israel-advocacy conference on Sunday to empower its community,. Dutch FM says he'll work to stop funding estimated at 10m. euros organizations calling for divestment, boycott, denying Israel's right to exist. BERLIN According to a ground-breaking report obtained by. US official says speech won't focus on Israel-PA talks; German Chancellor tells Netanyahu his coming trip to US is 'significant.' US President Barack Obama is expected to call on Middle East governments to respond peacefully to the. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke on the phone with outgoing US envoy to the Middle East, George Mitchell, and thanked him for his efforts to secure peace between Israel and the Palestinians. US Mideast envoy Mitchell resigns / Yitzhak Benhorin. I cannot possibly imagine that Mubarak's trial will be based on whether the price of selling gas to Israel was below world prices or not. Many people sense the man is being prosecuted for the wrong crimes and the reflex reaction is to treat him harshly. ISTANBUL Turkish officials have asked Israel for the names and addresses of the soldiers who led a raid on a Gaza-bound flotilla that killed nine Turks last May, a pro-government newspaper said Saturday. Turkey's top prosecutor sent a letter to. Israel has the most memorial sites in the world, one monument for every 17 dead, on average, while in Europe there is one monument for every 10000 fallen. We have sanctified death by showing respect only to those who are dead.. The question is whether Iran truly is an enemy of US-Israel and a natural ally of the Arab world as the Iranian leadership works hard to portray. The Persian-Arab rivalry goes back 1400 years to the Muslim conquests when Persians embraced Islam..


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