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Jason Rohrer's Diamond Trust of London, a strategy game focusing on the blood diamond trade, is back on track for a DS release. The Nintendo DS is often thought of as a platform with family friendly games. Jason Rohrer's Diamond Trust of London breaks. SURAT: The bail applications filed by the two accused arrested in connection with the alleged smuggling of blood diamonds worth Rs 10.17 crore originating from Zimbabwe was rejected by in-charge chief judicial magistrate MA Shaikh on Tuesday.. The diamond mining industry has been in pandemonium since the country's gems have been shunned by major international buyers after being classified as blood diamonds. This has created a lucrative black market which makes it difficult to ascertain the. The ugly underbelly of the world's largest diamond processing hub, Surat, could be exposed by the efforts of the Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI) to investigate the possible buyers of blood diamonds worth `10.17 crore seized by the department. Western calls for an international ban on trading in Zimbabwe's controversial Chiadzwa diamonds appear to have been silenced, after a reported agreement on the country's trade future was met in Dubai last week. By Alex Bell, SW Radio Africa,Harare It's. Industry sources said the seizure of blood diamonds worth Rs.10.17 crore originating from Zimbabwe has caught the attention of many in the global diamond industry. The Zimbabwe government should act strictly to stop diamond smuggling as the country is. Other diamond parcels suspected to have originated from Marange were also seized in Israel and Belgium last year. In the preliminary investigation, the duo arrested by DRI had revealed that they brought the blood diamond consignment of 48000 carats. SURAT: The seizure of blood diamonds worth Rs 10.17 crore in Surat is just the tip of the iceberg, say sources in the diamond industry. Sale of these diamonds mined in war zones in Africa and sold to finance an insurgency is banned.. He has been nominated twice for the Oscar as best supporting actor: the first time for In America (2003), the second for Blood Diamond (2006). He has also been memorable in films that have busted a lot of blocks: as Russell Crowe's fellow warrior in. We can only hope that if we as consumers make an effort to demand conflict-free technological products, these companies will rise to meet the challenge, just as the diamond community has worked to put an end to the use of conflict diamonds since.


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