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Cove Road resident Robert Johnson said that big tree behind his house fell first, and when he went out to check, the creek was only about halfway up. However, an hour later, it was a different story. Johnson said his girlfriend yelled that she heard a. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame offered something called the American Masters Series and the seminar subject was a Mississippi musi- cian named Robert Johnson, who, had he lived, would have turned 100 years old last week.. It's probably a good thing that Robert Johnson has three graves outside this Mississippi Delta town. If the devil comes back to claim his share of the royalties, the confusion should give the long-dead bluesman a head start. On the other hand,. Robert Johnson has worn many hats. In his twenties, he took a turn as a latter-day Henry David Thoreau, spending a year in the wilderness and even writing a book about it. After attending film school at UCLA,. When bluesman Robert Johnson died broke and all but unknown in a tiny Mississippi crossroads town, he was buried in a homemade coffin and an unmarked grave. Yet, a century after he came into this world, his eerie blues still influence artists from Eric. A few days ago, I noted some of the celebrations for the 100th anniversary of Robert Johnson's birth yesterday (May Cool. But I overlooked one of the most important, a beer called \"Hellhound On My Ale,\" from Delaware's Dogfish Head Brewery,. Thirty years after that, Brunswick Record Corporation's Don Law -- the same man who recorded Robert Johnson -- signed Bob and his Texas Playboys to a recording contract; Brit-born A


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