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The show's former star, Charlie Sheen, was fired in March, and talks with actor Hugh Grant reportedly broke down earlier in the week over creative differences. So far, Kutcher has been coy about the news. He seemed to be hinting about the show on his. Hugh Grant, the always charming Brit is said to have been in talks to replace the MaSheen on Two and a Half Men! Let's be honest here: That. Would. Have. Been. Awesome! It's a shame that negotiations ultimately stalled, and there was a false rumor. Would Hugh Grant or Ashton Kutcher make a better replacement for funny actor Charlie Sheen on hit sitcom Two And A Half Men? Last night, news sources revealed that actor Hugh Grant was in the running to replace Charlie Sheen on the hit television. Hugh Grant on Two and a Half Men, Princess Beatrice's crazy Royal Wedding hat is allegedly up for sale and Lindsay Lohan is sentenced to 4 month in prison. Happy it's-almost-Friday! Today, I'd like to let you in on the latest in celebrity gossip.. COM photos) At 50, Hugh Grant's too old to swing a god's hammer, climb walls or emote opposite an alien robot. (Actually, you're never too old for that.) And considering he's better known for wielding one-liners than bat-a-rangs, what's so surprising. Hugh Grant has had talks about joining \"Two and a Half Men.\" Comcast hires a top regulator for its lobbying efforts. Trying to break down the wall. The United States is working on getting China to loosen up on the quota of films the country allows to. The latest news that 50-year-old Hugh Grant will not accept an offer to replace Charlie Sheen on Two and a Half Men actually bucks the trend. According to the paper, increasing numbers of film stars, including Jeremy Irons and Kathy Bates,. Well it turns out they were like thisclose to signing Hugh Grant for the role. They were going to give him a million bucks an episode, but he pulled out at the last minute because of \"creative differences.\" That's nuts! Well dodged, Grant.. Lindsay Lohan pleads no contest to theft of necklace and Hugh Grant may replace Charlie Sheen on 'Two and a Half Men.' The Case of the Stolen Necklace has been resolved. Lindsay Lohan's lawyer entered a no contest plea in a Los. After a two-year absence from the big screen, Hugh Grant has finally chosen his next project. But, unfortunately, we won't even get to see him in it. Instead, he'll lend his voice to the upcoming stop-motion 3-D animation flick The Pirates!.


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