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More than 80 video games, from \"Donkey Kong\" to \"Metal Gear Solid,\" have been chosen by the public to be part of the Smithsonian American Art Museum's \"The Art of Video Games\" exhibit in Washington, DC, starting next spring.. Donkey Kong is one of the most iconic video games of all-time! But does it deserve that hype or is it more like a barrel getting thrown at you? 411's Jimmy Chavez takes a look in this week's Over or Under! Welcome to this week's edition of the column. It is no Donkey Kong , I will tell you that. In both versions, you fly an airplane around dropping bombs on gorillas. This causes tiny animals to jump out of their cages; you can then rescue them by flying overhead. The Atari version, as you might. Ed Fries, charismatic ex-Microsoft executive and now freelancing consultant and travelling board member, spoke at the opening of Nordic Game 2011 yesterday, giving a passionate keynote which examined the nature of the relationship between creativity. If you don't know who Seth Gordon is, he's not only the guy who directed the amazing Donkey Kong documentary King of Kong, but he's also directed episodes of pretty much every amazingly funny comedy that's on TV right now. So, I imagine his movie is. There's no disputing the fact that King of Kong, which followed the best Donkey Kong players in the world as they went for the game's high score, is one of the greatest videogame documentaries ever made. Anyone that enjoyed it might also want to look. Even as a young boy, something struck me as odd about the dynamic between Mario and Donkey Kong. Mario a tiny little man facing off against a creature easily capable of rending him limb-from-limb. Mario, who can be killed by a rolling barrel.. The high score on Donkey Kong was unclaimed when Hank Chien, the game's reigning world-record holder, entered at a Jersey City arcade earlier this week. But he did not rush to the machine to leave his mark. First he stopped at the bar. It is on like Donkey Kong! Don't get too crazy about this, kids, but Arby's has just unleashed a throw-down with Subway. I am so on this. See, they are both promoting their seasonal chicken salad. \"We're like Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong.\" For those who aren't video gamers or up on their Nintendo characters, Pogge is the Donkey Kong of the two. He's 6 feet 3 inches tall and 205 pounds. Murphy? Definitely Diddy Kong. He's 5-11 and maybe 170 and.


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