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. The New York Times Magazine, 620 Eighth Avenue, 6th Floor, New York, NY 10018, and include a daytime phone number. A version of this article appeared in print on May 15, 2011, on page MM16 of the Sunday Magazine with the headline: CARD GAMES. Luke Plunkett Steve Jackson Games is a company well known for its tabletop RPGs and card games. An innocent enough trade, then, so why in 1990 were its offices raided by the United States Secret Service? It wasn't because SJG's products were somehow. \"Especially in Division 2 there's a lot of wild-card games,\" Lemas said. \"We're both ranked in the top five of CIF, and hopefully whoever loses this game still is able to get into the first round without playing a wild-card game. You never know.. A group of seven ladies, all from Antioch, Calif., play a card game called 31 Thursday April 28, 2011 in Antioch Calif. The ladies have met once a month for the past fifty years to play cards.They all grew up in Antioch and are in their. In this Spanish card game, you play againt aa computer. There are fourty carrds divided in four suits. The winner must have at least sixty-one points. The most important card is the ace, then the 3, the knave and the footsoldier.. Super Heat Games of Encinitas, which is making a skateboard-themed collectible trading card game, said it has received $1.6 million in a first round of venture capital funding from Diamond Ridge Ventures and DFJ Frontier.. CONWAY, Massachusetts (Reuters) - A South Korean man and woman were each sentenced to more than a year in prison on Monday for a card-game gambling scheme last year that defrauded a Connecticut casino of hundreds of thousands of dollars.. And that's good news for live card game owners like Mike Novak of The Sting Poker Room, who continues to look for ways to grow his business. Poker is much like any other community. It's its own community. And word of mouth does get around, said Novak. On KS you can take your card game that you've prototyped on index cards with a ballpoint pen, and turn it into your vision. Before going to KS we shopped [our game] around to a few major manufacturers of board games in the US Only a couple bothered to. George has worked on more than three dozen tabletop RPG and trading card game products for companies ranging from Wizards of the Coast to Goodman Games. While working on-staff at West End Games during the mid-1990s, he quickly rose in level from editor.


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