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Google has announced that Samsung and Acer will be making the first Chromebooks; instant-on, always-connected laptops that run the company's open sourced and Linux-based Chrome OS. As well as being available for purchase, Google is offering companies a. Sundar Pichai, senior vice president of Chrome at Google, announces an Acer notebook running Google Chrome OS. SEARCH-ENGINE giant Google has launched a new laptop that it says will overturn the Microsoft and Apple-dominated world of personal computing. But can Intel's newest Atom CPUs, along with the roll-out of Google Chromebooks, give the category a second wind? You probably already know about new Chromebooks coming from Acer and Samsung, which will run Google's Chrome OS and [.. Google Senior Vice President of Chrome Sundar Pichai said speech support will soon be available in Chrome, translating speech to text in real time. As far as hardware goes, the big product bloggers are buzzing about is the Google Chrome OS notebook,. Details on the next Android release--to be called Ice Cream Sandwich, I've heard--seems a likely bet, as does at least a glimpse at some of the first commercially available hardware to be running Google's Chrome OS. If indeed such hardware does debut,. It's not surprising that even at Google's own I/O event, the crowd of journalists, reporters, and even Google engineers and reps, are packing MacBooks with them. Google Chrome OS netbooks to replace MacBook Air at next Google I/O? To see what we're. The much hyped project has already been delayed by over 6 months and it's quite likely that Google will make the release today. Google Chrome OS is one of the most interesting projects Google's developers have been working on for quite long time.. \"Google Chrome is all about extending the cloud, so we are excited to announce the first cloud-based development environment for the Google Chrome OS and apps,\" said Cloud9 IDE Inc, CEO Ruben Daniels. \"Up to now, developers had no way to create apps. Samsung and Google have scheduled an event for a Chrome OS netbook after Google I/O wraps in San Francisco May 11. The companies declined to provide more detail. Samsung and Google are hosting an event for their co-created netbook based on Google's. Google will begin selling notebooks based on its Chrome Operating System via a subscription-based model with Gmail in addition to the traditional one-time purchase plan favored by computer makers and retailers. Chrome OS is Google's lightweight,.


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