chaz bono May 9, 2011

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chaz bono May 9, 2011

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If by some chance you haven't heard that Sonny Bono and Cher's daughter Chastity is now Chaz, you will certainly be hearing about it in the next week or so...a lot. In short, Chastity began transitioning from female to male in the last couple of years. Despite a bad divorce, the Beatle says he is in love and won?t ask for a prenup. The singer voluntarily entered a program for drug and alcohol treatment. Cher's child tells Oprah Winfrey what led to sexual reassignment surgery.. By Andrea Simakis, The Plain Dealer COURTESY OF \"BECOMING CHAZ\"Chaz Bono carefully performs a daily male ritual in the documentary \"Becoming Chaz.\" \"I've hated my body since puberty,\" Chaz Bono announces to the camera. Moments before, he is shown. The Oprah Winfrey Show (4 pm, 6ABC) - Chaz Bono on his decision to become a man - and Cher's reaction to it. House (8 pm, Fox29) - House tries to help a boxer revive his career. The Secret Life of the American Teenager - (8 pm, FAM) Adrian forges ahead. I couldn't [transition] privately. So I could either have done it and people would have known, and other people would have written about it, and it wouldn't be the truth. Or I could do it myself and try to help people and put a face on an issue people. 8 pm WYES Becoming Chaz A documentary about Chaz Bono's journey from female to male. 8 pm OWN Frontline: Kill/Capture A report on America's war efforts in Afghanistan. 8 pm WYES Worst. Prom. Ever. Like the promos say (kind of): Three seniors (all. Chaz Bono is a pretty regular guy. He plays a lot of video games, he fawns over his pets, he gets into domestic squabbles with his girlfriend, and does pretty much everything else your typical 30 or 40-something guy does. But unlike most men, Chaz is. \"Becoming Chaz\" (9 pm, Tuesday) compassionately and pretty thoroughly explores the decision and process that Chastity Bono -- daughter of Sonny Bono and Cher -- undertook to become a man named Chaz. The film gives viewers a brief history of transgender. Chaz Bono, renowned advocate for LGBT rights and social justice, will be the featured speaker at Howard Brown Health Center's Lifeline Celebration Friday, May 6, at the Palmer House Hilton, 17 E. Monroe, according to a press release.. features RuPaul in a Burlesque homage that finds our mother-queen hilariously saying Wagon Wheel Watusi in the style of Cher and also stars Chaz Bono! (Hello: If you can't get Cher herself, get Chaz!) Then, RuPaul grandly sings her newest song.


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