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This entire Glee-Dux will be devoted to the return of Jonathan Groff. Nothing else happened, right? Oh, I'm kidding. Of course I'll be covering the entire prom episode. How can I not? So much transpired, and I can hardly wait to dive in and pick apart. Based on the previews, Quinn will slap the bejesus out of Rachel, but before we can see that, we have to enjoy a little Rebecca Black and Jonathan Groff. That's right, \"Prom Queen\" is the episode that will feature Artie, Puck and Sam taking on the. First, a reminder that our sister site will be livetweeting the New York Marriage Day rally and lobbying day all day. It's official, Paula Abdul has signed on to be the final judge on The X Factor: USA. I'm suddenly much more interested in. Also singer/actor Jonathan Groff returns as Jesse St. James from a rival glee club. By WALT BELCHER | The Tampa Tribune BOOK IT: A film crew from C-SPAN kicked off an eight-city tour Monday in Tampa. They plan to spend a week in the area getting. Lea Michele and Jonathan Groff covered the song during \"Glee's\" prom episode, \"One Tree Hill\" featured the song during their new episode \"Flightless Bird, American Mouth,\" and Adele herself performed the song on the \"Dancing With the Stars\" results. Original Spring Awakening co-stars Jonathan Groff and Lea Michele will be reunited once again. Groff will reprise his role as Vocal Adrenaline performer Jesse St. James opposite the Rachel of Michele beginning May 10 in an episode of. Will Schuester recruits Jessie St. James (guest star Jonathan Groff) as their show choir consultant to give some help about their set list, but some may not welcome him well. Meanwhile, Sue Sylvester has an evil plan to stop New Directions from flying. Spring Awakening and \"Glee\" star Jonathan Groff, recently seen in the West End revival of Deathtrap, has a featured role in the new Robert Redford film \"The Conspirator,\" which hits movie theatres nationwide April 15.. Returning guest star Jonathan Groff reprises his role as Rachel's ex Jesse St. James as the Glee Club crown their Prom Queen! Who will it be? Tune in and find out! The competition moves into the Battle Round stage as the contestants from each coach's. Lea Michele pleased Jonathan Groff fans when she posted a photo from the set this week. Lea and Jonathan look happy as clams as they pose for the picture. Recent spoilers confirm that Jesse St. James (Jonathan) will make an appearance at the prom.


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