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Many FrontierVille players might have already noticed that Varmints have been changed drastically in the game, but if you haven't noticed a difference, here's your heads-up. What's the change?. The new Dog Kennel has finally started rolling out (slowly rolling out, mind you) to some lucky FrontierVille players, with this Kennel allowing you to \"train\" your dogs to complete tasks, like hunting. With Mother's Day being right around the corner, Zynga has launched a new goal series in FrontierVille dealing with Granny, the new character released via the Ponderosa Lodge a few weeks ago.. Zynga's FrontierVille has started asking users permission to cache in-game assets directly to hard drives, apparently a feature in testing that may be rolled out to a wider audience at some later date. It's just the latest example of a. In an effort to save users some time when beg... err, asking for the many items we need in FrontierVille on a daily basis, Zynga has started to roll out an optional system of Quick Posting to certain pop-ups.. This weekend, Zynga has launched the Water Well in FrontierVille. Along with an actual \"building\" (the Well) that you can place on your Homestead, and then use to collect crop and animal boosts,. This week, FrontierVille rolled out a new feature that is designed to help the game load faster. Basically, the game will store some of its files on your computer's hard drive, which will enable it to load. FrontierVille players, I have an apology to make. When I complained about the lack of injured critter variety in FrontierVille back in March, I had no idea what was ahead. In the month since, we've seen the. Pioneers have reported to FrontierVille Info that the game has failed to recognize that they're on a Horse. You can already imagine how frustrating this must be for folks who simply can't complete the new. Along with today's release of the upgraded Horse Corral and Horse Corral Upgrade goals in FrontierVille, you can also complete a new collection in the game in the form of the Tack Room Collection..


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