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k2 May 11, 2011

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The Grass Valley K2 Dyno replay system consists of the K2 Summit production client and the K2 Dyno replay controller. UK-based mobile production company Telegenic is using Grass Valley's K2 Dyno replay system to produce live sports replays in pristine. Tanveer Mian, is charged with distribution of K2, also known as Spice. He's accused of selling the substance to an undercover officer at his store on West Hundred Road. He's not denying it at all and actually told NBC12 he had plenty of it to sell.. A inmate at the Huber facility, 1400 Northview Road, was cited for being in possession of K2, a synthetic marijuana substance, at 9:05 pm Sunday. The theft of a bike was reported at 9:21 pm Sunday in the 1100 block of South Grand Avenue.. Mostly made in China, the substance known as \"K2,\" \"Spice,\" \"Blaze,\" \"Genie\" or \"Zohai\" is made from a combination of synthetic cannabinoids and herbs, which together mimic the effects of smoking marijuana. The Wood River Police Department was called,. Switchover Media seized a combined 7.1% audience share of four- to 14-year-olds across its two children's channels, K2 and Frisbee, ahead of established players Rai, Mediaset, Disney and Viacom. It consolidated its lead in February with an increased. Remember K2, also known as Spice. When it hit the stores, often being sold behind gas station counters, mostly there were no restrictions. Reportedly, you had to be 18 in order to purchase. However, upon understanding the deep moral convictions,. In March, the Drug Enforcement Administration banned five chemicals that made up K2, a mish-mash of ingredients marketed as incense, but widely known as synthetic marijuana. Now, authorities are seeing a new product called K12 or \"Ultra.. It sells under the names \"Spice,\" \"K2,\" \"Genie,\" \"Yucatan, \"Fire,\" \"Sence,\" \"Smoke,\" \"Skunk,\" and \"Zohai,\" according to the American Association of Poison Control Centers. Synthetic marijuana has become popular, sources said, because its chemical. For starters, take a look at what k2 contains. The \"herbs\" marketed as \"k2,\" \"spice\" and a number of other trade names are nothing more than herbal blends that are sprayed with several synthetic cannabinoids. Cannabinoid is a fancy way of describing. Since November 2009, KY3 has heard about K2, a synthetic product that mimics marijuana, and other synthetic drugs. Despite these horror stories of young people harming themselves after inhaling the substance, sales and injuries continue..


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